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Season 1


Meet the Hosts

Our introduction episode, featuring Erika & Resa.


Know Your Roots

In this episode Resa interviews Erika and asks questions regarding her experience meeting her birth mom in Bogota, Colombia when she was 18.


Diving Into DNA

DNA testing has become very popular over the years, so we decided to do 23&Me to see what kinds of things we can learn. We talk about long toes and monkey skills, our European and Latin roots, and our personal and genetic taste towards cilantro.


It's My Birthday, I Can Cry if I Want To

Birthdays can be tough for adoptees, but not always. The hosts have very contrasting feelings about their birthdays, and this episode talks about why it can be hard for some and not for others.


From Texas to Minnesota

Alese was born in Texas, and relocated to Minnesota 20+ years ago with her parents. We talk about the relationships between bio and adoptive parents, siblings, and being in a mixed-race family.


Synchronicity Part I

Our interview with Jen is a rollercoaster from start to finish!
Nuns in bars, a town scandal, jail time-- a recipe for a dramatic saga!


Synchronicity Part II

We could absolutely not cut short Jen's story, which is what brings you to part two. The second half of this story is truly just as riveting as part one.


Family Fishing Trip

The term "born and raised" might not be commonly used among adoptees, but in Kristen's case, she is a born & raised Minnesotan!


Women of Impact

Being awarded the Atomic Grant from Passion Collective was truly an altering event for Colombian Influence. This episode talks about our accomplishments to date, and we talk about hopes and dreams for the future!


Managing Conservatorship

Ellie's story is very non-traditional, and we learned about how her family evolved through hardship and she was adopted through what initially was called "a managing conservatorship."


Understanding the Unconditional

A continuation from our last episode, we talk to Ellie's husband, Will, about his more traditional adoption, and how he navigated growing up in an open adoption.


Welcome, MacKenzie!

We are so thrilled and *starstruck* to be joined by Caren, Dustin, and Mackenzie for this interview. They have been featured on Upworthy, Washington Post, and The Kelly Clarkson Show-- to name a few!


Welcome, MacKenzie! (Part II)

This is our first adoptive couple we've had a chance to interview, and it was such an honor to do so with them just a few days before Mackenzie's adoption was finalized on June 8th, 2020.


A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

This week we are welcoming Eric to the conversation, and will discuss his ties to adoption and how they correlate to The Family Resemblance Project: a photo series he recently completed!


You Are the One You've Been Waiting For

Coming out of the fog is a common phenomenon adoptees go through when discovering their identity at some point in their life. It's an incredibly valuable moment for adoptees, and we believe that this time comes in a variety of times and ways.

Season 2


One Year Celebration!

2020 has been quite a year for us, as well as so many. But today we focus on our accomplishments thus far, discuss what we've been up to the past few months, new things coming tomorrow, November 22nd, AND what we have in store for 2021!


Psychology & Adoption

Krista Nelson, from Family Circle Counseling in St Paul, Minnesota, joins us in this episode to address some of the complexities with adoption and mental wellness.


The Meeting with the Orange Chairs

The Meeting with the Orange Chairs is how Erika's origin story began, believe it or not! For this episode, we sat down with Erika's parents, Sally & Lowell, and asked them to tell us about their experience adopting Erika from Colombia.

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