What can we do for you?

Therapy and Mental Health Referrals

Finding someone to understand adoption is difficult, even when seeking out professional help. We can help find someone to fit your needs.

(Currently for Minnesota residents.)

Speaking Engagements

Group activity, Q&A, lecture-style-- whatever your group needs, Colombian Influence is there to facilitate!

Helpful Tools

Our references and guides come from first-hand use. Instead of having to guess based on online reviews, we will assist to find you the best possible tool for what you need.

Relatable Conversations

We were founded solely on the conversations needed by adoptees. We are here to facilitate comfortable conversations with loved ones to help others understand who we are as a community.

What can Colombian Influence do for you?

Let's find out! Send us business inquiries here to schedule a time to talk and figure out how you can enrich the Colombian Influence community.