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We are our audience.

The Colombian Influence Podcast was conceptualized in the fall of 2019 due to a lack of resources for adoptees. Commonly throughout the adoption triad, you’ll find support for birth mothers & hopeful parents; we as adoptees feel like our emotions and traumas have been left on a cliffhanger. When we met, the mutual acceptance of sharing emotions, hardships, joys, and challenges led us to a content mindset that we don’t ordinarily experience. This at-peace mindset is something we hope to share.

We started Colombian Influence with the intention to support our community by giving it a voice, and therefore educate those who are not directly influenced by this topic.

The word ‘adoption’ can have a negative connotation to some, as well as be a taboo conversation; we wish to not only change that, but explore why.

Resa Schier


Originated From: Bogota, Colombia.

Currently Living: Saint Paul, MN

Loves: cheese, traveling, music, creating, dogs, Disney, being told she’s funny

Hates: things without cheese on them, mental health stigmas, places that don’t allow dogs

What is one thing you wish people would realize about adoption? We all have a very different story, none of us are identical. Adoptees go through different hardships, and you will almost never find two adoptees with the same outlook on life.

Favorite episode: It’s My Birthday I Can Cry if I Want To & You are the One You've Been Waiting For

Erika Poesch


Originated From: Bogota, Colombia

Currently Living: Minneapolis, MN

Loves: the beach, writing, volleyball, carbs, crime shows, and herself

Hates: sushi, picking where to eat for dinner, washing the dishes, and cats

What is one thing you wish people would realize about adoption? Adoption isn’t always a second choice.

Favorite episode: Know Your Roots & You Are the One You've Been Waiting For

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