Who are we?

Erika & Resa were both adopted from the Ayudame Orphanage in Bogota, Colombia in the early 90s. They grew up in Minnesota with their families, and met in 2018. These curly girls are always up for a fun time, and love bringing their community of adoptees together and providing a safe space!

What is Colombian Influence?

Colombian Influence was conceptualized in 2019, and originally started as a podcast to tackle the nitty-gritty elements of adoption from an adoptee standpoint.
Since Autumn 2019, we have grown and worked hard to move towards additional business goals for the future.


Season 1 of Colombian Influence includes 15 full-length episodes, ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour, some 2-part interviews included!

Every episode we talk about different topics, from birthdays and arrival days, to DNA, medical history, and interview different individuals and families that provide a range of perspectives on adoption.

Season 2 is now up on all podcast platforms!

Sources & Support

We have launched our site on Bookstore.org to help benefit local bookstores, earn commission, and give recommendations on different resources for our listeners.
We want to be where people can go for referrals for help finding professionals to guide those struggling with different elements of adoption, no matter what part of the triad you are part of. Currently, we have the tool to find local therapists specializing in adoption, which can be located under "Resources."

Family Nights

Colombian Influence truly originated due to lack of resources, and we want to make sure kids of any age are not growing up feeling like they are without support. We hope to soon provide family nights so we can talk to parents and kids separately to help bridge the gap in conversation, as well as provide fun memories!

Adoption in the News

Representation matters! We make it our job to feature these news stories on our social media, so you don't miss a beat.

Homecoming Support

As we have developed, we have heard from a multitude of listeners that have started their birth-family search. We want to not only provide referrals on how/where to do this, but provide emotional support and conversation where needed.

Group Travel

In the future, when travel is once again possible, we hope to lead groups on tours of their home country.

Fundraisers & Events

We want to meet you! Fundraising for local charities in the adoption realm is a goal of ours, and we hope you will join us!

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